Communication is the necessary condition of life: No communication means no life.


Reading list (let me know if you can not have access to the article you want)


  Communication, Truth, and Society by Richard McKeon

Communication and social legitimization by Q. Schultze

 Mediated Identity in the Parasocial Interaction of TV by S. Annese

 Competing sets of axioms of communication by Bowers, John Waite, and Bradac, James J. 

Common Carriers, Telecommunications, and Nations by Alex Karolyi and Neville Samuels

 Communication defined

Dialoque defined

 Forms of communication

 Functions of communicationm

15 Mythes about modern communication

Definition, features, significance, of communication, need for comunication

 Overcoming communication barriers

Non-verbal Communication

 Communication as......

Defining communication

 Communication in biological systems

 Communication control: Censorship

 Communication control: Self-censorship

Communication forms that existed in ancient societies

 Communication History: A short Chronology 

 Communication history: Brief overview

 Ưnternet and democracy

 Computer-mediated communication

 Social uses of interpersonal communication technologies

 Self-communication basics

 Technological mediated communication: Concept of media

 Mass communication

 Shaping Media Content: media professionalism

 International communication: transnational media

 International communication: The World of The World of Coca-Cola